We are one of the most prominent coir and rubber manufacturers in india. We have export connection with more than 30 countries and are sucessfully providing quality and durable items to the world.


Our designs are globally accepted and approved by many countries. Our state of art designs gives a lasting impression for your consumers due to its superior style and industrial standards.


Bleaching of coir fibres and yarn is undertaken to obtain lighter coloured fibres and more commercially attractive products. Bleaching of coir fibre/yarn is essential for improving the colour.


Our High end semi-automatic or fully-automatic printing machines ensures that the dyes penetrates into the depth so that the coir products should last for a long time without color loss and fadings.


The Literature and Industrial Surveys revealed a number of dying techniques in textiles, but incorporation of designs on coir mats/mattings, rugs could be effectively made at a low cost only with the help of superior quality dyies.